With the impending climate change and increasing stress on freshwater, there is a dire need for monitoring and managing water resources. The twin-satellite missions GRACE and GRACE-FO have contributed immensely in this endeavour for nearly two decades now. However, the spatio-temporal coverage of the missions limit the applicability of the GRACE(-FO) data to regional and global studies. Given the potential of the data for water resources monitoring and management, a number of efforts in terms of algorithms, mission design concepts and instrumentation are being taken to improve the spatio-temporal resolution. It is slowly becoming a multi-national effort wherein space agencies of different countries, especially NASA, USA; ESA, Europe and CNSA, China have been mulling over a joint mission with multiple satellite pairs in orbit.

In this context, we would like to invigorate satellite gravimetry research in India, and thereby, contribute to this global endeavour given the long-standing expertise and contribution of ISRO, India to earth observation. In order to realize this we would like to conduct a workshop on the next generation gravity-field missions (NGGMs) to bring together the global players in NGGMs and the Indian researchers who are involved in various aspects of satellite gravimetry and its applications as well as satellite technology.